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Competitive Advantages of Investing in Brazil

Brazil, the largest country in South America, is the only Portuguese-speaking country on the continent. Originally a colony of Portugal, Brazil today is a Federal Republic. The country is best known for its Carnival festival, its diverse wildlife, natural environments and its soccer team. Today, as per 2008 findings, Brazil is the world's 8th largest economy in terms of its GDP. Brazil is also the 9th largest country in terms of purchasing power of its nationals. Thus, the country holds great potential for foreign investments.

The Brazilian economy is one of the fast growing economies in South America. It is also one of the economies that attract huge foreign direct investments.

Investors investing in Brazil stand a great chance to gain significant returns due to the following advantageous reasons:


  • Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world, thus it provides a great customer base.


  • The country has very pleasant geographical conditions. It has very conducive weather between 25-30 degrees Celsius.


  • Brazil has a very good political setup. It is a democratic country and has a stable political system.


  • It has a very stable currency.


  • Investors investing in Brazil not only would see tremendous gain, but can also consider becoming a Brazilian resident as the cost of living is about 20-25% less than in any European country.


  • The country has a very peaceful and calm environment throughout. The locals are very hospitable, and very receptive and appreciative towards immigrants and their beliefs.


  • The government of Brazil encourages foreign investment in the country in its diverse sectors. The government provides several incentives to the investors and allows the investors to have 100% ownership of land and property.


  • Brazil has trade relationships with more than 100 foreign countries.


  • The country has a very conducive natural setup. Brazil is always a low-risk country with regards to any natural catastrophe such as an earthquake, tsunami, volcano or hurricane.


  • Brazil is one of the leading exporting countries in the world. It ranks among the top 20 exporting countries in the world.


  • Brazil is naturally endowed with great biological diversity. The country is home to the Amazon rainforest, spread over 3.6 million kilometers. The forest is filled with abundant natural resources.


  • One of the prime reasons why investors investing in the country would gain beneficial returns on their investment is that the Brazilian government makes a conspicuous attempt to develop the country’s scientific and technological infrastructure along with development in various industries to lure more foreign investment.


  • Businessmen involved in heavy industries investment would particularly be benefitted to a large extent as Brazil is a country that develops submarines and aircraft, and promotes research in aerospace. Brazil is the fourth largest commercial aircraft manufacturing country in the world. It thus holds huge investment opportunities in the sector.


  • Brazil is a very popular tourist destination among people the world over. It attracts about 6 million foreign tourists every year. Thus the tourism sector promises great investment opportunities.


  • The country has excellent infrastructural facilities. It has an excellent transportation facility throughout the country. It has well-connected roads, rail and airways.


With these advantages, the investors would be in a win-win situation. The geographic conditions, the government initiative - all these factors make Brazil a heaven for investors to invest in.