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Agricultural Industry Brazil

Right form the time when Brazil was a colony under the Portugal rule, the agricultural activity has been directed mainly towards two activities – providing goods for exports and providing goods for consumption by domestic people.


In the recent past, the agricultural industry in Brazil has registered a massive increase in its productivity. The agriculture industry is one of the key industries of Brazil that contributes significantly to its national income. The agricultural sector accounts for about 25% of the national GDP, which is about $390 billion. The industry also contributes to about 27% of the country’s total exports. The industry is a prime source of bread for about 18 million Brazilian residents.


Over the years the agricultural industry has recorded consistent growth, thus the industry promises great investment opportunities. Brazil is known for being the world’s leading country in the exports of agricultural and allied products like soya beans, sugarcane, sugar, coffee, fresh oranges and orange juice, and ethanol.


Brazil’s growing global income from the exports of agricultural goods and free availability of productive land presents great investment opportunities.


It is a known fact that half of Brazil is covered with forests. Brazil is home for the largest rain forest. These forests are a great source for several natural products. The natural products like fruits, nuts, and berries are available in plenty; thus, Brazil provides great opportunities for investment in allied activities of Agriculture.


Apart from being endowed with natural facilities, the investors can consider investing in the agricultural sector of Brazil mainly because over the years there has been a significant increase in the number of immigrants in the country. This is mainly because Brazil is seen as a business hub by many businesspersons around the world. The increased number of people in the world would mean increased need for food. The investors can cash in on the opportunity.


Advantages of investing in the Agricultural industry of Brazil:

  • The government of Brazil has ambitious plans to invest huge amounts in the agricultural sector to give a boost to the country’s agricultural output. Investors thus have great opportunity to be a part of the Brazilian government’s mission to boost the productivity and in the bargain earn valuable profits.


  • The country is naturally endowed with favorable geographical conditions. The climatic conditions are favorable for growing a variety of agricultural crops.


  • Brazil has a very large consumer base for agricultural items.


  • Brazil is rated highly by S&P index as a country that holds great investment potentials.


  • The country is blessed with some of the best natural resources for growing crops – fertile soil, good water facility, etc.


  • The country is endowed with some of the highest quality cotton and grain products.  Thus, there is a great investment opportunity to invest in related industries.


Owing to the above mentioned advantageous features, investors would gain tremendously.