PYBAR will become part of the Thiess Group (ACS) upon completion of the customary sale conditions and the acquisition process.

Thiess Group (ACS) has issued a statement announcing that Thiess Pty Ltd has signed a share purchase agreement with Metarock Group Ltd to acquire the Australian underground metals company PYBAR Holdings Limited (and its wholly-owned subsidiary Pybar Mining Services Pty Ltd).
“This acquisition is a continued part of Thiess’s strategy to diversify the products and services we offer to our clients. We are committed to developing a global mining portfolio, with a strong focus on the metals and minerals critical to the global energy transition,” explained Thiess Group’s Executive Chairman and CEO, Michael Wright.

The acquisition of PYBAR is key to these endeavors. Its specialized skills will expand the service offerings of the Thiess Group to its clients and will open a range of opportunities in underground metals and minerals in Australia and globally.

PYBAR’s 30 years of experience in underground mining are well-known and respected, in addition to its commitment to its workforce. Thiess (ACS) will retain the PYBAR brand and work with the leadership team to support its current clients and grow the brand within and beyond its current markets.