The strike of gaming workers at the Casino de Chaves registered today, as on Friday, a 100% adhesion, said today to Lusa the Hospitality Union of the North.

“The gaming bands are all closed, so there is a 100% adhesion in the banked game,” said Francisco Figueiredo, of the Union of Workers in the Hospitality Industry, Tourism, Restaurants and Similar of the North, to the Lusa agency.

The union leader said that, since May 2022, this is already the 16th day of strike that the workers at the Casino de Chaves have been on.

“Everything indicates that the struggle of these workers will continue, because it is not acceptable that they do shift work, at night, on weekends and are not paid in the least for that,” he stressed.

A new strike is scheduled for January 21st, when the fifteenth anniversary of the opening of the Casino de Chaves, in the district of Vila Real, is celebrated.

The union leader stressed that the strikes continue because of “Solverde’s refusal” to “negotiate collective bargaining” and the “refusal of wage increases”.

“The only thing that the company has given in so far is to pay for holidays at 200%, they haven’t given in on any other demands from the workers”, he stated.

Francisco Figueiredo pointed out that the main demand of the Casino de Chaves workers is to receive “the shift subsidy or the night subsidy, as the other concessionaires pay”.

According to the union, the workers demand “fair and dignified” wage increases for all workers, the updating of the diuturnity value, the updating of the food subsidy value, as well as the creation of a shift subsidy for workers in the gaming area.

They also demand the updating of the language bonus, updating of the bonus for absences, the reduction of working hours to 35 hours per week and 25 working days of vacation for all workers.

Lusa tried to contact Solverde, but without success.

Solverde belongs to the Violas group, which operates in several areas, including tourism, education, real estate, beverages and textiles.