Candy manufacturer Perfetti, with brands such as Chupa Chups, Mentos and Smint, has notified the Competition Authority (PCA) of its purchase from Mondelez of the ‘Chiclets’ and ‘Trident’ business, among other gum brands, in Europe, the US and Canada.

According to the published notice, the concentration operation by the competition regulator, which is assessing possible effects of the deal on free competition in the domestic market, results from the acquisition by the Perfetti Van Melle Group of exclusive control over the gum business in markets operated by the Mondelez Group in North America and Europe.

Regarding the buyer, Mondelez Global LLC, the AdC notice highlights that, in Portugal, the notified transaction comprises the acquisition by Perfetti of assets corresponding to the ‘Trident’, ‘Chiclets’ and ‘Bubbaloo’ brands.

The Perfetti Van Melle group is present worldwide in the production and sale of confectionary products, including a wide range of sweets, namely lollipops, chewing gums, dragees, as well as more traditional sweets. Some of its best known brands are Chupa Chups, Mentos and Smint.