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Operation Olhos de Lince refuses 2,560 pumps in the first four months

Ipem-SP technicians inspected 2.5 thousand posts throughout the state; disapproval reaches 7.26% of the total

In the first four months of 2019, from January to April, the Institute of Weights and Measures of the State of São Paulo (Ipem-SP), an autarchy of the State Government whose purpose is to protect the consumer, inspected 2,595 fuel stations in the State of São Paulo Paulo, during the special Olhos de Lince operation, aimed at combating fraud in fuel metering pumps.

There were 37,377 units during special operations, of which 2,560 (7.26% of the total) were disapproved.

The list of registered offices (with addresses and irregularities found) is available at this link .

The objective of the Lynx Eyes is to identify possible fraud in fuel pumps. When evidence of fraud is found, the bombs are seized and banned, and the prosecutors identify which permittee renders service at that facility.

After this, a survey is made on the activities carried out by this permit holder, not only in that position, but also in others. If an irregularity is found, an administrative proceeding is filed proposing the de-accreditation of this permit holder. Detected fraud is revoked your authorization to maintain fuel pumps.

The collected material is investigated in the laboratory of the institute with issuance of a report directed to the Secretary of the Treasury for cassation of the registry in the ICMS and also it is sent to the Public Ministry.

The post with irregularity has ten days to present defense with the institute. According to Federal Law 9,933 / 99, fines may reach R $ 1.5 million.


On a daily basis, Ipem-SP's inspection teams check pumps at gas stations in the municipalities of the State of São Paulo through its 14 regional inland, coastal and Greater São Paulo and four more in the north, south, east and west of the capital.

From January to March 2019 Ipem-SP, during the routine actions, inspected 1,787 fuel stations in the State. There were 22,963 fuel pumps with 1,558 failures. In 2018, the technicians inspected 8,136 stations in these actions and verified 125,379 fuel pumps, of which 7,486 were disapproved.

In the fight against metrological fraud, Ipem-SP created the Lynch Special Operation in 2016. From January to April 2019 Ipem-SP inspected 2,595 fuel stations in the State. There were 37,377 fuel pumps with 2,560 failures. 521 tax assessments were issued.

In 2018 the institute's teams monitored during the special operation 329 posts, checked 4,463 bombs and failed 595.

For Ipem-SP to further close the siege against fraudsters, the institution joined the State Government action, called "De Olho na Bomba", which aims to combat fuel fraud and tax evasion. Also part of this action, Procon, State Treasury Secretariat, National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), through its regional office, Civil Police and, in the case of the capital, the City of São Paulo.

In addition to assessing the establishment, Ipem-SP assumes responsibility for the workshop in charge of the maintenance of fuel pumps. If the workshop's participation in the fraud is proven, its authorization to maintain fuel pumps is revoked.