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With adjustments, rapporteur presents opinion to the Social Security

Reform of Social Security

In a report, Arthur Maia (PPS-BA) established the adoption of a minimum age of 65 for men and 62 years for women to access the benefit


Reporter for the Social Security reform in the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Maia (PPS-BA) presented, on Wednesday (19), the report adjusting the proposed amendment to the Constitution that changes the social security system. According to leaders, the opinion's vote should take place on May 2 in the special commission set up to discuss the issue.

As the committee meeting was interrupted by the opening of the agenda in the House plenary, Maia will resume reading the opinion late afternoon. At the end of the presentation, there will be a collective request. Next week, the college will meet again to discuss the report.

According to the text presented by Maia, agreed between the federal government and party leaders, the minimum retirement age was maintained at 65 for men and fixed at 62 for women. The contribution time has not changed and is still 25 years.

With the new proposal, a new calculation for the value of retirement was also reached. To reach the final value, an average of 70% of the contribution wages will be made, with an additional 1.5 percentage point added for each year that exceeds the minimum of 25 years.

If the worker exceeds 30 years of contribution, the increase will be 2 percentage points; From 35 years, 2.5 percentage points. The changes will apply both to employees of the private sector, who are in the General Social Security System (RGPS), and public servants, members of the Social Security System (RPPS). With the proposal, politicians will also be linked to the general regime.


In the opinion, another adjusted point was the rural retirement. Now, men will have the right to retirement at the age of 60, with 15 years of contribution. Women will be able to retire at the age of 57. The rapporteur also established a rate of up to 5% of contribution to the social security system.

In 2016, the deficit in Social Security accounts reached R $ 149.7 billion in the general regime. This year, the estimate is that this amount reaches R $ 188.8 billion. For the next year, the forecast of the economic team is that the rhombus add up to R $ 202.2 billion in case the pension reform is not approved.

Transition rule

Important changes have also been made to the transition rules. According to the report, there will be no more age cut to enter the transition rule, but an age limit set at 55 for men and 53 for women.

There will be a need to work 30% more than it needs to reach 35 years of contribution for men and 30 years for women. Starting in 2020, the age limit will rise one year every two years, until the date the toll is met.

Source: Portal Brasil