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Secretariat of Justice reaches the first quarter of management with innovations

Bodies linked to the portfolio also promoted a series of actions in the first quarter, such as expansion of services

Several procedures mark the first 100 days of the new administration of the State Department of Justice and Citizenship: extensive administrative restructuring, with implementation of matrix projects, restructuring of areas, optimization of work structures and reduction of expenses with commissioned personnel in 20%; expansion of the services offered; implementation of new agreements and partnerships; and launching orientation and prevention campaigns.

"We worked from the first day to improve the organizational climate, identifying the profile and competencies of each server, creating workflows and adjusting the structure to increase the effectiveness of the actions of the portfolio," says Secretary Paulo Dimas Mascaretti, who took office on January 1, after 36 years as magistrate and four others as prosecutor.

One of the initiatives was to create the Secretariat's Management Council, which brings together prominent names in various fields of activity, improving the dialogue with society by adding their expectations and the desire in the work plan of the portfolio.


Three prevention and orientation campaigns were launched in the period: "Managing with Responsibility: Citizenship Issue. Practice! ", Started at Carnival; "Woman, You Can!", Launched on International Women's Day, highlighting women's power in society and seeking to guide women about domestic violence; and "Respect the neighbor is to cultivate peace", against religious intolerance.

In addition, the Anti-Trafficking Group carried out information work, distributing didactic material in five subway stations on the National Day to Combat Slave Labor, in January.

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Another focus of improvement was the Center for the Integration of Citizenship (CIC), designed to provide free public services. In these 100 days, there were about 130 thousand visits in the 17 CIC stations in the capital, Grande São Paulo, inland and coastal, located in regions of high social vulnerability.

One of the most emblematic actions was the emergency service in the community Portelinha, in the capital, after a fire that occurred at the site in early February, with 400 people attended. During this period, the Mobile CIC project was developed, which will allow the extension of service delivery (issuance of documents, professional training, referrals to job vacancies and legal assistance) and reaching hundreds of municipalities in the State.

The partners of these services were multiplied: in March, protocols of intention were signed with 36 universities and other civil society entities to expand the activities of the CIC, through trainees of various specialties - social assistance, law, medicine, psychology - that will provide supervised services.

The Office of the Public Defender in the CICs has also been expanded, the Electoral Justice has made available the biometric registration of voters in the CICs and the Paula Souza Center empowers those interested in the production of chocolates to generate income at Easter.

The Public Policy Coordination has developed programs of great social reach, conducting awareness and campaigns. The highly specialized structure will be multiplied in the CICs and Women's Defense Stations.


The Center for Support and Reference and Victim Support (CRAVI) provided psychological support to the surviving victims, their families, teachers and staff at the Raul Brasil School in Suzano, immediately after the attack that left ten dead.

The Secretariat also implemented the Office of Projects and Initiatives, an integration tool between the Ministry and its linked bodies - CASA Foundation, Procon Institute of Weights and Measures (IPEM), Institute of Social Medicine and Criminology (IMESC) and Land Institute of the State of São Paulo (ITESP), with the objectives of rescuing the mission of each body and identifying the possibilities of joint work within the management culture for results and innovation.

CASA Foundation

The CASA Foundation assisted 11,313 adolescents during this period and recorded good results in the process of resocialization of young people who committed infractions: 47 of them were classified in ProUni, of which six obtained scholarships. A young man, from the Limeira unit, ranked first in the Physical Education course at UNIP.

The 15th edition of CASA Soccer Cup moved 1,200 adolescents from 85 units, demonstrating the importance of sports in the process of resocialization. In the period, the Foundation registered 85,880 attendances in physical education and sports activities.

More than 7,600 adolescents are enrolled in school education; and the art and culture workshops had more than 16 thousand visits in this quarterly balance. In another area, the organization carried out the leasing of body scanners installed in the access to socio-educational centers, improving security and eliminating the intimate magazines. In addition, 20 centers that demand more attention have gained surveillance by cameras.


IMESC renegotiated contracts, which resulted in savings of 39%, and signed agreements to collect biological material directly in the units of CICs and CEJUSCs for genetic linkage (DNA).

The IPEM inspected, in the period, almost 1,800 fuel stations were inspected throughout the state. 22,963 verified pumps were surveyed, of which 1,558 were eventually disapproved. The objective is to inspect errors and frauds in the equipment that represent damages to the consumer, be it in the quality or quantity of the commercialized products.


Special Operation "Olhos de Lince", created in 2016, inspected 46 fuel stations, with 711 pumps checked and 182 failed. In this work, the agency seized 57 plates and 99 pulsers (used in fraud) and issued 139 infraction notices.

At Consumer Week in March, 500 pumps were checked at 30 gas stations in 12 cities, with errors found in 53% of the establishments surveyed.

Itesp has formalized a technical cooperation agreement with the Secretariat of Health and Justice, enabling immunization against yellow fever in state settlements and quilombola communities. In the administrative field, managed to reduce in 20.74% the expenses with positions in commission, without dispensing with the results of its performance.

A total of 965 land titles and land titling titles were registered in Registro, Pariquera-Açu, Iguape, Cajati and Sete Barras, and agreements were signed with 15 municipalities for land regularization of 6,075 urban properties, as well as signed agreements with 17 municipalities for continue work on land regularization of 12,201 urban properties.


In defense of the Consumer, the Procon-SP Foundation provided 92,420 calls. Only in the Program of Support to the Superdependent were 1,035 citizens served. There were also the dissemination of 88 surveys and 72 courses, lectures and workshops, reaching an audience of 1,761 people.

Procon also created the Escola Paulista de Defesa do Consumidor and TV Procon, and signed a technical cooperation agreement for the implementation of CEJUSC specialized in consumer relations. In addition, new agreements were signed to implement Procon in nine municipalities and renewed agreements with 24 other São Paulo cities.

"The Secretary of Justice, its coordinators, programs, councils and related entities are working with planning and innovation, aiming at continuous improvement of actions to provide better services to the population," said Secretary Paulo Dimas Mascaretti.