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Pluriannual Plan (PPA) 2020-2023 receives contributions until the 30th of this month

Public consultation

When opening the electronic participation, government expands the space the society in the process of budgetary planning

The Secretariat for the Evaluation of Public Policies, Planning, Energy and Lottery (Secap) of the Ministry of Economy, in partnership with the Institute of Applied Economic Research (IPEA), opened an electronic participation process to receive contributions that may subsidize the next Multiannual Plan (PPA) 2020-2023. The suggestions can be sent until the next June 30th through the address:

The PPA is the document approved by the National Congress that establishes the medium-term strategic planning of the Federal Public Administration. With a four-year term, the plan provides the government's guidelines, goals and targets for the coming years. In this sense, both the Budget Guidelines Laws (LDO) and the Annual Budget Laws (LOA) of the period must be compatible with it. The three documents form the basis of the federal government's budget planning, provided by the Constitution.

Electronic participation

Thus, given the context of the preparation of the PPA and its directive of modernization of the State, the current government innovates with the realization of electronic participation. The objective is to make society contribute to the priority programs, taking into account the respective sustainable development objectives (ODS).

"With the expansion of society's participation on the most diverse fronts it is fundamental that the State pursue the objective of constantly monitoring the demands of the population. Such an instrument strengthens the process of shaping public policies so that they are effectively compatible with the specific demands and needs of citizens, "said Constantino Cronemberger, Undersecretary of Government Planning at the Ministry of Economy.

It is also important to highlight that the proposals to be sent need to take into account the model that bases the methodology of the PPA, in addition to observing legal attributions and administrative principles, especially those of transparency, social control, economics and efficiency. In addition, they should prioritize the principles of simplification; fiscal realism; integration between planning and evaluation; strategic vision and focus on results, taken as pillars by the current government.


The executive branch has until August 31 of the first year of the presidential mandate to hand over to Congress the PPA proposal, which will act as guiding document of the public policies to be implemented by the federal government. Congress, in turn, has until the end of this first year to approve it.