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Government of SP holds public hearing in Mirante do Paranapanema

The event will address proposals for amending the law that regulates the use of land resources in the State

The State Government, through the Secretariat of Justice and Citizenship and the Foundation Institute of Lands of the State of São Paulo (Itesp), held this Friday (17), in Mirante do Paranapanema, the municipality that has the most settlements in São Paulo , plus a public hearing to discuss the proposal to amend Law 4,957 / 1985.

The text provides for public plans for the valorization and use of land resources to create job opportunities and social and economic progress for small producers.

The event will take place at Paranapanema's Mirante Sports Gymnasium at 3 pm and will be attended by the mayor, Átila Ramiro Dourado, the executive director of the Itesp Foundation, Claudemir Peres, and rural producers from the 31 state settlements located in the city.


It is worth mentioning that the Itesp Foundation provides technical assistance to 7,133 families in 140 settlements in 40 municipalities, covering a total area of ​​153,539.52 hectares. Only in Pontal do Paranapanema are 98 settlements and 4,913 families. In Mirante do Paranapanema there are 31 settlements and 1,229 families.

The executive director of the Itesp Foundation, Claudemir Peres, explains that the model discussed is based on State Law No. 11,600 / 2003, as amended by State Law No. 14,750 / 2012 (Presidente Prudente administrative region) and State Law No. 16,475 / 2017 (administrative region of Registro and Itapeva), which regulates small and medium-sized rural properties in vacant lands of up to 15 fiscal modules.

As already happens in both legislations, in this project it will be suggested that the State also subsidize part of the property regularization. "Our objective is to give independence to the rural producer so that he has autonomy and can assume definitively his property in management and production. We still want this change to generate development and income generation, "concludes the manager.


The major debate revolves around the definitive title of the rural lots, which will be determined by family. Currently, the land is from the estate of the State of São Paulo, and is in the possession of the settlers.

The amendment proposes that each family obtain the final title of the property. To do this, you must comply with the rules required by law. The title will entitle the owner to go to the notary's office and register the property on his behalf.

The law will require that only one CPF obtain the titulación in the settlements, avoiding that the same person acquires several properties.