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Actions of the Government of Brazil facilitate the search of employment by Brazilians


Digital work portfolio and distance learning courses are among the novelties of the package launched on Tuesday (21) in Brasilia

With the objective of facilitating access to employment by Brazilians, the Government of Brazil launched on Tuesday (21) a package with four measures to help those who need a job. They are practical actions that reduce bureaucracy and facilitate the worker's life.

New features include the digital workbook, the Sine Easy iOS application version of Apple's mobile phones, the ability to access unemployment insurance through the internet and free distance learning courses.

In partnership with the University of Brasilia (UnB), a total of 50 free courses will be offered by the end of next year. In the distance, the classes will be accessed from any computer through the address .

The first 12 courses will be available starting this Tuesday (21), and the unemployed will receive information about the program in the first stage of application for unemployment insurance.  

Still in the effort to reduce bureaucracy processes that can be time consuming for the worker, now those who are unemployed can make and request the benefit through the Internet. Before that, it was necessary to schedule and attend a Sine service station to direct the unemployment insurance.

As of November 21, however, the registration and request can be made through the address as soon as the person receives the resignation documents. Even if the presence of the worker is requested later, the period of 30 days to receive the benefit begins counting at the time of registering on the site, and no longer after the attendance.

Information on contracts and qualification will be at the hand of the Brazilian worker as of November 21. As a result of a partnership with Dataprev, the work portfolio can now be accessed through an application available on all operating systems.

Formal experiences, data and request and first and second way of the physical workbook will be available by the tool. The main objective is to facilitate the life of the worker in consultations and requests, and the physical document will still be considered the official one.

The Sine Fácil application is already known by Brazilians. Since the launch of its first version, in May of this year, the tool was downloaded 680 thousand times, 180 thousand people were referred to job interviews and 3,5 thousand were reinserted into the job market.

In this new release, iOS users will also be able to access the application. More simple and functional, the application has evolved and will continue to assist those seeking a new job.

"[The measures] will help the worker a lot in his search for employment and placement in the labor market," said the Brazilian  Labor Ministry's National Secretary for Public Employment Policies, Leonardo Arantes, in an interview with  the Brazilian Government .

By allowing bureaucratic processes to be carried out by application or the Internet, Arantes believes that the new tools will weigh less in the pocket of those outside the labor market, allow qualification and, finally, find new opportunities. 

Similar opinion has the Minister of Labor, Ronaldo Nogueira, who points to the agility of the service provided to the worker during the process of resumption of employment. "We know the difficulties that the workers have faced at the moment in our country and we are working to help them in the best way, either by helping in the qualification, or by better serving those who need the help," he said. 

Source: Government of Brazil, with information from the Ministry of Labor