Foreign tourists spend more in Brazil in 2016

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Tourists from other countries have spent more money in Brazil. According to information released by the Central Bank, on Friday (24), spending by foreign visitors rose 4.08% compared to May 2015. The costs of the relevant public in the country totaled US $ 434, against US $ 417 million last year.
In the evaluation of the Brazilian Tourism Institute (Embratur), the figures resulting from the international promotion of the country to work together with the appreciation of the dollar, which made cheaper for foreigners traveling to Brazil.
In the year, from January to May 2016, the foreign exchange revenue was $ 2.75 billion, corresponding to a percentage of 10.24% over the same period of 2015 when revenues were $ 2.50 billion.
In this positive scenario, the deputy president of Embratur, José Antonio Parente, reinforces that sell Brazil abroad is more accessible: “The data show that the favorable exchange rate and the improvement of air connectivity favor the competitiveness of Brazilian tourism facing the international market, attracting more visitors to Brazil. ”
According to Parente, this result can be attributed to advertising campaigns, the participation in fairs and other promotional activities of the Institute to attract more visitors.
Parente also highlights the role of Embratur contributes to the productive chain of tourism, which has grown at double the pace of the national economy and moves 53 segments. “In addition to allowing the provision of quality services to Brazilian and foreign, increased foreign exchange revenue strengthens the economic importance of the sector, which currently employs 10 million people in Brazil,” he concludes.

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