Brazil has to face external security instabilities, says Finance

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The Ministry of Finance said, Friday (24) that Brazil is prepared to cross safely periods of external instability.The evaluation was made after the decision by the UK to leave the European Union.
In a statement , the Pasta estimates that Brazil’s situation is of solidity and security because the fundamentals are robust. These fundamentals are mechanisms and protections that the country has to deal with possible external shocks.
The text also reports that the country has significant volume of international reserves and foreign direct investment inflow, resources that are targeted for productive development, has been sufficient to finance the current account.
According to Binder, the Brazilian public debt financing conditions remain solid this time of volatility in financial markets. It also explains that this volatility is caused by external events.
“The National Treasury has ample liquidity cushion. The federal debt is mainly composed of real-denominated bonds “reported. “In addition, the government announced structural fiscal measures of long-term,” he said the ministry.
These structural measures, once approved and fully implemented, will strengthen the country’s economic conditions, which will again grow and generate jobs and income. With them leaving the stronger Brazil, the economy is still less exposed to external risks.
“The recent improvement in confidence indicators and the country’s risk perception reflects these actions,” the statement said. “In this context, Brazil is prepared to cross safely periods of external instability,” he said.
What is Brexit?
In referendum, the British decided to leave the European Union. In a close vote, 51.9% voted for the output against 48.1%. The exit process, however, does not occur immediately and should last at least two years.
This process has been called Brexit, which is nothing more than the output of the United Kingdom of the European bloc. The word is derived from other English-speaking union: British (British or a reference to the United Kingdom) and exit (exit).

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