Over 500% Increase in Loans under the ABC Program in Three Years

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Since the creation of the Low Carbon Agriculture Program (ABC) credit line, under the 2010-2011 Agricultural and Livestock Plan, 14,000 contracts have been concluded, totaling over R$ 4.46 billion in finance agreements. In three years, there has been a 507% increase in the acquisition of loans by farmers to adopt technologies for the recovery of degraded pastures, crop-livestock-forest integration, no-till farming, and planted forests, among others.

In the 2010-2011 season, R$ 418 million was borrowed, while this value reached R$ 2.54 billion up to April of this year. “This is an indication that the technologies used to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases are being increasingly employed in the field,” said Caio Rocha, Secretary of Development and Cooperatives for the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply.

The credit program has been distributed across the country through the State Management Groups (GGEs) under the ABC Plan, which has already been implemented in the 26 states and the Federal District. The last group, the GGE for the state of Acre, was formed on May 22 this year. More than 8,900 people have already been trained, 70% of whom are professionals in technical areas.

According to Caio Rocha, a great deal of effort has been made to disseminate and encourage the adoption of more sustainable agriculture, which in turn will result in reduced CO2 emissions. “Based on the dynamics of the ABC Plan, which sees growth in the number of contracted projects with each crop year, it will be possible to fulfill the commitment made by the Brazilian government at COP-15,” he said.

During the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP-15), held in 2009 in the city of Copenhagen, Denmark, the Brazilian government made a voluntary commitment to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases between 36.1% and 38.9% by 2020.

Ministry of Agriculture

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