Students from 18 disciplines to study in France through Science without Borders

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Registrations for student exchange sandwich programs in France are open until January 14 through the Science without Borders program. In total, students from 18 different disciplines may apply for places. Successful university students will receive a scholarship to the amount of € 870 (around R$ 2,300) per month, in addition to assistance with settling in the country, traveling, purchasing educational material, health insurance and enrollment fees. Activities in French universities are expected to begin in September.

Students from the following disciplines are eligible to apply for places through the program: engineering, exact sciences and earth sciences; biology, biomedical sciences and health sciences; computing and information technology; aerospace technology; pharmaceuticals; sustainable agricultural production; oil, gas and coal; renewable energy; mineral technology; biotechnology; nanotechnology and new materials; technologies for the prevention and mitigation of natural disasters; biodiversity and bioprospecting; marine sciences; creative industries; new constructive engineering technologies; and training of technologists.

Brazilian undergraduates enrolled in French universities will be able to stay for 12 months in order to complete their studies on a full-time basis. In addition, the scholarship may be extended for up to six months in order to study the French language, if required. Part of this period may be dedicated to an internship in research or technological innovation, in institutions or research centers.

Candidates must be enrolled in undergraduate courses in the fields of study mentioned above and have completed at least 20% and at most 90% of their course curriculum by the expected start date of studies abroad. Students must also present a profile of excellence based on good academic performance, according to the criteria of the higher education institution, and provide a French language proficiency certificate.


In addition to the scholarship, students will be entitled to five benefits: assistance with settling in abroad, paid in a lump sum for the initial costs of accommodation; travel assistance with round-trip airline tickets; purchase of materials, including the possibility of acquiring a laptop or tablet; the payment of health insurance and enrollment fees.

Candidates who are already overseas will not be entitled to assistance with settling in abroad and return airline tickets, if they are successful in applying for an exchange scholarship.

Ministry of Science and Technology

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