Brazilian exports maintain high level in 2012

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In 2012, Brazilian exports achieved the second highest value since trade balance records began, with a value of US$ 242.6 billion, second only to the figure registered in 2011 (US$ 256 billion), representing a fall of 5.3%.

The same situation was seen with imports which closed the year at US$ 223.1 billion, a 1.4% drop compared to the record set in 2011 (US$ 226.2 billion). With these results, the trade surplus was US$ 19.4 billion and trade flow, US$ 465.7 billion.

Upon disclosing the figures today at a press conference, the Interim Minister of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (MDIC), Tatiana Lacerda Prazeres, said the data showed that Brazilian exports remained at a high level even while facing the global economic crisis.

“We are at the same level as 2011, when Brazilian exports grew 27% compare to 2010, putting them at a very high level. Accordingly, the drop of 5.3% this year does not take us away from this historic and record level,” said the Interim Minister.

Tatiana Prazeres also noted that in 2009, at the beginning of the international economic crisis, there was a 22% drop in Brazilian sales abroad. “Therefore, despite the effects of the external crisis this year, Brazilian foreign trade shows good performance,” she said.

The minister also drew attention to the fact that the reduction in sales was lower among manufactured products (-1.7%), while basic and semi-manufactured products decreased by 8.3% and 7.4% respectively.

In terms of markets, with purchases of US$ 34.2 billion, China ended the year as the main source of Brazilian imports for the first time, overtaking the United States (US$ 32.6 billion), followed by Argentina (US$ 16.4 billion), Germany (US$ 14.2 billion) and South Korea (US$ 9.1 billion).

The main markets for Brazilian exports in 2012 were China (US$ 41.2 billion), the United States (US$ 26.8 billion), Argentina (US$ 18 billion), the Netherlands (US$ 15 billion) and Japan (US$ 8 billion).

With regard to exported Brazilian products, record sales for the year were achieved in soybean meal (US$ 6.595 billion), corn (US$ 5.359 billion), fuel oils (US$ 5.038 billion), raw cotton (US$ 2.104 billion), pumps and compressors (US$ 1.778 billion) and buses (US$ 295 million).

Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade

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