Brazil creates tourist image bank for free-of-charge use worldwide

Comments Off | 01-11-2013

The Brazilian Tourism Board (Embratur) is currently bringing together images from all five regions of Brazil. The goal is to renew the image bank of Brazilian tourist attractions, focusing on the Sun and Beach, Ecotourism, Sports, Culture, Business and Events segments. In all, 25,000 new images will be made available free of charge, to be used in initiatives which promote the country as a tourist destination.

A preview of the new image bank is available at:

Embratur believes this to be the greatest effort to capture images for this purpose ever carried out in Brazil. “In this period of very high exposure of the country, the production of a new image bank is designed to meet the demands of the entire world. We want to show, through this new material, the diversity that tourists can find in our tourist destinations,” explained the President of Embratur, Flávio Dino.

According to Embratur, the images are being captured in such a way that they can be used in various forms. For example, the bank will make its photos available in large formats for advertising campaigns and news stories.

From the landscapes shown, the images also depict cultural events, cuisine, and the modernity of the country. “Surveys show us that the best of Brazil is the Brazilian and in light of this, the openness of the people will also be prominent in the photographs of the new bank,” said the President of Embratur.

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