American universities come to Brazil to discuss the Science without Borders program

Comments Off | 09-5-2012

On Friday, August 31, the Education Minister Aloizio Mercadante received a delegation of representatives from 66 American universities, visiting Brazil to participate in the Education USA Fair, held in São Paulo. Led by US Under Secretary for International Trade, Francisco Sánchez, and accompanied by the country’s Brazilian ambassador, Thomas Shannon, the delegation spoke to the minister about the Science without Borders program, which will send 101,000 scholarship students to U.S. universities in four years.

According to Mercadante, a lack of English language skills is an obstacle for many young people who would like to study abroad. To overcome the language barrier, the Ministry of Education will administer around 150,000 English proficiency exams for students who are able to apply for a scholarship on the program. “From this examination, we will identify students who are close to obtaining approval and we will give priority to those students, building a framework to offer English courses in federal universities,” he said. The initiative will already benefit between 7,000 and 10,000 students this semester.

For Francisco Sánchez, the Science without Borders program presents a clear vision of the Brazilian government’s objectives regarding the future of the country’s knowledge society.  “The United States currently receives 9,000 Brazilian students, and this number is still small,” he said. According to Sánchez, in addition to the immediate impact, the exchange facilitates the education of young people in good universities and, in the long term, establishes bonds, enabling deeper understanding between the two countries.

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