Forest concessions implemented at two national forests

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In 2010 the Brazilian Forest Service entered into concession agreements for two national forests in the States of Pará and Rondônia. A total of 144,800 hectares of forest was made available for sustainable management by five companies for a period of 40 years.

• Jamari National Forest

The Jamari National Forest in the State of Rondônia is located between the towns of Cujubim, Porto Velho, Ariquemes and Itapuã do Oeste, and was created on September 25, 1984. It has an area of approximately 220,000 hectares, of which 96,000 hectares was allocated to forest concessions.

The Jamari National Forest was first forest concession in Brazil. The tender process remained open 45 days and 19 proposals were received from companies based in the States of Rondônia, São Paulo, Bahia and Pará. Technical criteria and price were used in order to determine the winning proposal. Evaluation of technical criteria included social and environmental indicators that demonstrated the greatest social benefits, least environmental impact, and highest added value for the region.

Three companies won the tender. Madeflona Industrial Medereira was awarded the management of Managed Forest Unit I (MFU I), with 17,000 hectares. Sakura Indústria e Comércio de Madeiras won the bid for MFU II, which has 32,900 hectares, and Amat won the tender for MFU III, with 46,000 hectares.

In addition to timber, the Jamari forest concession permits the commercial exploration of the following products: residual timber, non-timber products (leaves, roots, bark, fruits, seeds, oils, latex and resins) and services relating to accommodation, adventure sports and eco-tourism. The remaining part of the National Forest will be an environmental protection area, or dedicated to the indigenous population.

• Saracá-Taquera National Forest

The Saracá-Taquera National Forest was established in December 1989 and covers 441,152 hectares in the North-west of the State of Pará on the border with the State of Amazonas, between the towns of the Santa Terra, Oriximiná and Faro. It is located next to the Rio Trombetas Biological Reserve. The area has significant potential for renewable natural resources (timber, Brazil nuts and other non-wood products), as well as for mining (bauxite).

A forest concession occupying an area of 48,800 acres of the National Forest was tendered in 2009. The winners of the tender were the companies Ebates – Produtos Florestais Ltda., which manages an area of 30,000 hectares, and Golf Indústria e Comércio de Madeiras Ltda., which manages 18,794 hectares.

By using forest management techniques the concessionaires may extract timber, oil, seeds, resins and other products from the Saracá-Taquera National Forest for a period of 40 years. The concession contract terms include for payments to the government, job creation and annual investments of around R$ 500,000 in local communities.

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