Brazil invests in maintaining a clean energy matrix

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Biofuels, hydroelectric plants and wind farms are among the priorities in the energy sector

With one of the cleanest energy matrices in the world, Brazil is currently investing in renewable energy sources in order to maintain its position in the coming decades. The Brazilian goal of securing its position as a global reference includes actions aimed at electricity generation from hydro, wind, biomass and biofuel resources, following guidelines set out by the Ten Year Plan for Energy.

In 2009 renewables accounted for 47.3% of Brazilian domestic energy supply, while this proportion in the global energy matrix was 13.9% in year 2008. In the more industrialized countries who are members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), this proportion was only 7.6% in 2009.

One of the priorities of the Federal government is investment in alternative sources of energy generation. This segment is expected to triple its stake in the national energy matrix in only 12 years. In a scenario with a projected 5% economic growth in 2011, alternative energy sources should exceed 13% of total energy generation in Brazil in 2020. This proportion was less than 4% in 2009.

As part of sector plans coordinated by the Federal Government to combat climate change, the Brazilian energy sector projects an economic growth scenario that arrives in 2020 with the same rate of greenhouse gas emissions as witnessed in 2005.

Among the emission mitigation measures included in the Energy Sector Plan, examples of items most relevant to maintaining a clean energy matrix are listed below:

- Encouraging greater use of biofuels such as ethanol to replace gasoline, and the use of biodiesel a substitute for mineral diesel oil;

- Maintaining the strategy to expand the supply of electricity based on hydro generation;

- Encouragement of renewable electricity production, especially from small scale hydro-power plants (SHP), wind farms and sugar cane biomass;

- Incentives for energy efficiency, particularly in the area of electric power.

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