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Rapid increase in per-capita disposable income of Brazil encourages Novelis to invest another $300 million in aluminum can manufacturing plants

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Novelis plans to invest $300 million in Brazil in a bid to expand its aluminum rolling operations in the country. The company announced on Friday that it would invest around $300 million in its expansion plans in the Brazilian market via its Pindamonhangaba plant; to increase its rolling operations in order to meet the burgeoning [...]

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Petroleo Brasiliero (Petrobas) expands its natural gas operations in Sao Paolo via an investment takeover worth $250 million

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Petroleo Brasiliero (PBR, PETR4.BR), the Brazilian state company, yesterday expanded its distribution of natural gas taking up Gas Brasiliano Distribuidora SA in a $250 million deal.  The state run company, the world’s second largest oil company also known as Petrobas, bought the Sao Paolo state natural gas supplier from Eni Spa, an Italian Oil and [...]

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Brasilia prepares to welcome the luxury giant Burberry as it expands investments in Brazil

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Burberry plans to expand its investments in new luxury markets in Latin America in a bid to strengthen its brand and a 23% increase in underlying profit in the year to march. The company’s chief executive said that it plans to optimize on the momentum of the brand and capitalize on its impressive and strong [...]

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Coomex, Brazil’s biggest electricity trader details its future investments and developments

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Coomex, Brazil’s biggest electricity trader intends to develop a 90MW biomass-burning power plant estimated at US$185 million in Bahia. The project will encompass forest and elephant grass plantations estimated to cost $34.7 million and three 30MW generator turbines that sum to US$150 million. The company’s president announced that it had already gotten about 20,000 hectares [...]

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Brazil’s government undertakes its biggest education sector investment

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The adoption of open source software for the education sector by the Brazilian government might have seemed like a great milestone but budget crunches have slowed down the implementation of the project in many institutions.   The Brazilian government selected Userful, Positivo and ThinNetworks to supply about 324,000 virtualized desktops in each of the country’s municipalities. [...]

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Investment potential aplenty in Belo Horizonte – Economic hub of Brazil

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Belo Horizonte is the capital city of the Minas Gerais state located in the southeastern region of Brazil and the third largest metropolitan area the country. According to IBGE, 2008, about 5,054,000 people resided in the metropolitan area of the city with a population density of 7,290.8 inhabitants per km².Belo Horizonte is the sixth most [...]

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Weekly Investment-related News and Activity mirror Brazil’s growth

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Brazil’s inflation grew more than had been expected in the days leading through mid may confirming expectations that the Brazilian Central bank may raise the benchmark interest rate, 0.75% to prevent economic overheating for the second time successively. From April 14th to May 13th, the IPCA-15 index reported a 0.63% rise in consumer prices from [...]

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Picturesque Pernambuco, Brazil has interesting investment opportunities

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Pernambuco is a Brazilian state located in the northeast of the country. According to last year’s statistics by the IBGE, the population of the state stood at about 8,745,000 residents with a population density of 89.6 inhabitants per square kilometer. The state has an urbanization rate of 76.8% and a population growth rate of 1.2%. [...]

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Five reasons to place Brazil high on your list of priorities for investment

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Five reasons to place Brazil high on your list of priorities for investment, business expansion and exports in the coming years:
1. Demographics
With a large population of 198 million, and an average age of only 28, Brazil’s demographics are compelling compared to almost any other emerging market, (other than India’s average age of 25). This [...]

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Why to invest in Amazonas state of Brazil

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Amazonas is located in the northwestern corner of Brazil and has a mixed race population of about 3,351,000 residents, as per a 2007 population report by the IBGE.  Its population growth is pegged at 3.3% and the state’s urbanization at 2006 stood at 77.6%. Manaus, its capital city, has a developed industrial park with very [...]

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