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Investing in Foreign Property  

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Investing in Foreign Property


With the instability of the economy the way it is in North America and the threat of Big Brother, more and more North Americans are looking to invest in international real estate where they feel that they can protect their hard earned money. I find that many people who are looking to invest in a foreign country have many questions they are searching for answers for. Among these questions are some of the following. Where can I invest that I don’t have to worry about losing my investment because of an unstable government? How do I go about investing in a foreign country? Is it safe? What country is the best place to invest? What are the tax implications?


We spent over eight years researching international properties before we decided to invest and we compared the advantages and disadvantages of each. When it came down to it, we decided the best place to invest was Natal, Brazil and here are some of the reasons we decided on this tropical paradise:




 After researching the Brazilian property market extensively, Brazil Beach Resorts decided that the North-East of Brazil offers overseas property buyers excellent value for money and that within the short-medium return it is likely that the state of Rio Grande do Norte will outstrip other high potential areas within this particular region.

- There is strong demand in Rio Grande do Norte for holiday homes from both the Brazilian and overseas property markets and currently not enough properties are being built to meet this growing demand.

- Brazil has been identified by financial analysts and economists to become one of the next major boom areas around the world. It is now self-sufficient in oil and other energy types and is currently one of the major providers of iron-ore to China.

 - Foreign tourism is already experiencing significant increases (approx 30% year on year)and this is set to continue for the foreseeable future. The number of charter flights from Europe is growing significantly as well the availability of local accommodation and facilities.

- Property in Brazil still provides excellent value for money though prices are increasing at between 20-30% per year depending on location and quality of construction.

- Land prices are still quite reasonable in many locations though it is noticeable that in select locations these are growing at a considerable pace in certain parts of the state - notably Ponta Negra and Pipa. Beach Resorts Investment maintains a close watch over all prices and in particular those in areas that have been identified as `up and coming`. We believe that the Praia do Cajueiro will be an excellent future investment opportunity.

  - The wonderful and relaxed lifestyle and fabulous weather throughout the year will mean that the appeal of Natal and surrounding areas will continue to grow for years to come.

-It is estimated that in the UK alone an extra 2.5 million people will take the plunge and invest in overseas property.




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